Kingdom Living Ministry Kenya is located in rural western Kenya. We are on Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County. The conditions in this region are very hard. The locals are always surprised when they see the foreigners there, because there are no hotels, restaurants, or even cars. This region is very challenging to walk through, as it is mountainous, rocky and very steep.  During the rainy season the challenges become more real as traveling becomes very hard. But with His help, we continue to press in and take new territory for the Kingdom of God. 


The heart and vision of Kingdom Living Ministry Kenya is to equip, empower and train pastors & churches to grow in intimacy with Jesus, become fruitful and multiply. We currently are overseeing 5 churches and working alongside a couple of others. Our main focus has been to bring the pastors that the Lord has entrusted to us to a place of maturity and fruitfulness. This will enable new leaders to be raised, and new territory to be gained. There are unreached people groups in what we consider to be our backyard. These people are uncivilized and still wear animal skin for clothing. We have them on the radar and believe to bring them the Gospel in 2016. We also have a desire to plant many new churches in this region. The mountain is very big, and a lot of opportunity to bring all the people in this region into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. 



In our 5 years of working in this region we have seen many born again, saved, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and many lives and relationships brought to wholeness through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

In 2014 the Lord directed us to start a 5 acre farming project. We rented 5 acres of land, plowed the ground with oxen, planted seed and fertilizer, pulled weeds, and we are eagerly waiting for the harvest. The farm project enables some of the church members and pastors to work and the profits from the selling of the corn (maize), will help to support the ministry, churches, and school here in Kenya. 

We also started a school called Hope Academy which you can read more about here: Kenya Hope Academy